Bridging the Gap programme is unique course to help people who are not training in the United Kingdom. The course gives you the training on topics that are not taught or practised in other countries like India.  The idea is to really dill the gaps so that high quality doctoirs , nurses or other health professionals don't feel embarassed or ashamed because they don't know the system of working in the Uk. We want you to hold your head high because you have good knowledge of working in practising in India or other countries but lack of knowledge about working in the Uk lets you down. We teach  Prescribing practices s done in the UK, Children and adult safeguarding, Clinical Governance, Communication Skills so that you know what words to use and what sentences to use at appropriate times to get the right answers and be a part of english system. There is a lot more in the course which people who attended found immensely useful. Go for it.