PLAB PART2 - Clinical Assessment

Approach to Clinical Assessment OSCE Stations 

I – Examinations 

1.  Neurological Examination 

2.  Rheumatoid Hand Examination 

3.  Abdominal Examination in a Renal Transplant Patient 

4.  Peripheral Arterial Disease Examination 

Upper Limb Examination 

Lower Limb Examination 

II - Explaining Procedures and Operations 

1.  Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy 

2.  Cystoscopy 

3.  Carpal Tunnel Decompression 

4.  Arthroscopy 

5.  Coronary Angiography 

III – Miscellaneous 

1.  Safe Drug Prescription and the Use of BNF 

2.  Setting Up an IV Infusion 

3.  Antibiotics Preparation 

4.  ECG Recording and Interpretation 

5.  Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) 

6.  Handovers 

7.  Intramuscular (IM) Injection 

IV- Extra Clinical Assessment Scenarios 

1.  Counselling Scenarios  Chest Pain 

Diabetic Ketoacidosis 



2.  Examination Scenarios 

Chest Pain 

3.  Prescription Scenarios 

4.  Handover Scenarios 

5.  Challenging Communication Scenarios 

Dealing With a Complaint 

Assessing Mental Capacity