PLAB PART 2 - Other Misc

ATLS - Advanced Trauma Life Support 

1.  Primary Survey 

2.  Secondary Survey 

3.  Whiplash Injury 

4.  Discharge Prescriptions - General Approach 

5.  Asthma Discharge Prescription 

6.  Post-Myocardia Infarction 

7.  Warfarin 

8.  Extra Discharge Prescription Medications 

9.  Needlestick Injury - General Principles 

10.           Needlestick Injury Stations  11. Dose Calculation 

Dose Calculation Questions 

12.  Hand Washing 

13.  Pre-Op Assessment 

14.  MRSA Wound Dressing 

15.  Medical Negligence 

A.             Patient Who is Not Happy With Your Junior Colleague 

B.             A Patient With a Missed Ankle Fracture 

C.             Dealing With Your Colleagues 

16.  High Fidelity Manikin Stations 

A.             Status Asthmaticus 

B.             Infective Exacerbation of COPD 

C.             Pneumonia 

D.             Pulmonary Embolism 

E.             Urinary Tract Infection 

F.              Acute Limb Ischaemia 

G.             Cardiovascular Examination 

Pre-Operative Assessment In A Talking Manikin  Sample Marking Sheets